Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Mac win... in Africa

OK... don't really know if it's a "win" as much as an obvious advantage of the mobility of a laptop and the funny convenience of fool proof iWhatever apps. Long story short: I traveled through Kenya visiting development projects, documenting the trip in text notes, photographs and video alike. The combo of a Flip camera and a Macbook proved... pretty nice.
Me, my 11 inch Macbook and my Flip Mino HD camera (with cheap tripod) in the middle of nowhere, Kenya.
The Flip cameras are affordable, very small and shoots good video. But they don't have a lot of storage on them so you need to empty them via USB quite often. That's where your laptop or notebook enters the picture.

As ranted about the other day I just upgraded to iMovie '11. One of the new features is an "instant trailer" function. Not sure it'll be truly useful - but it is funny. Here is a documentary style trailer of the videos from the trip I put on Vimeo done in close to no time using iMovie '11:

Still wouldn't live without the desktop Linux box, however. It's got affordable terrabytes of storage, ultra compatibility of video formats and just so many advantages as previously blogged about. For example, I'm writing these words from it and would feel heavily disadvantaged doing even such a simple blog post from the Mac. Sorry, Macbook freaks.

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