Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wide open vs censored

My Apple fanboy Facebook friend's celebrations of the Wikileaks iPhone app had hardly dropped off the first page of my feed when I first read elsewhere it'd been censored. Of course it would be. People have so much to learn.

Incidentally, I myself have been trawling the Cablegate files at Wikileaks for climate change and COP15 related secrets (aka US government gossip) using grep on my Linux box, i.e. like this:
grep -R 'COP-15' *
To be fair that could be done on a Macbook as well (I just didn't look into the Terminal thingy yet but guessing it's pretty straight forward once you find the icon launching it).

The collection of climate change diplomacy cables is available via Scribd:
Cablegate COP15

See BBC / Apple removes iPhone Wikileaks app from iTunes. In related news: CIA Launches WikiLeaks Task Force, or “W.T.F.” for Short.