Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Linux is only free if your time has no value"

A web developer blogs about moving from Linux to Mac. And back! Read Arnaud / Mac OS vs Linux:
I have been using a Mac for a bit more than a year now. I bought a Macbook Air second generation. This was the most expensive laptop I have ever bought. But I thought: I am fed-up of fixing problems with my Windows OS or Linux; and I have work to do! So the Mac seemed to be a good option. It worked indeed. It really really worked well. Mac OS is a really nice thing. The hardware is also really nice. You pay the price, but it is totally worth every dime.


I [recently bought a Win7 laptop on sale at $299]... I cleaned Windows... I installed Ubuntu. I had to fight the cheap hardware to make it work properly and I "wasted" some of my precious time tweaking every part of the OS to make it really usable... After playing around A LOT with my cheap Ubuntu Natty laptop; and after over one year using a Mac, here is my conclusion: There is a lot of time "wasted" using and configuring and playing around with Linux... But I missed that!


Mac is simple and stable, so it is supposedly unleashing your creativity... but, hacking around pushes you out of the box whether you want it or not. It makes a creative person out or you, naturally.

As a Linux proponent of course I have been met with the "Linux is only free if your time has no value" argument:

This Facebook screenshot shows the comments to a person asking for a code to install Windows with. 1st comment is, basically, "buy it". And the 2nd is mine linking to Linux distros.

But as a Linux user you spend zero time asking people for codes to install your pirated MS Windows copy. And you spend no money buying a legitimate copy (no time earning those no money). Neither the time or the money spent on either of those things for Windows will make you smarter. Installing and hacking a bit of Linux will.

I wager you'll spend less time with Blue Screen of Death type incidents and you'll lose less data with linux (or Mac). Plus if you do hack around, report a bug or help out a fellow user you will be contributing to a grateful community, not doing free work for a multinational corporation.

Unfortunately, the installation part is now so easy a sea gull could do it. But a die hard Windows pirate can't.

UPDATE: This post badly needed a picture of a sea gull. So here it is. A sea gull photographed from the deck of a ferry between two Faroe isles. Need I mention the post processing was done in Digikam?


(Emphasis in quote added by me.)


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