About this blog

After many years of having Microsoft Windows alienate me from computing my conversion to Linux was a not-looking-back experience (around 2004, I think it was). But now I have come across a - very nice, I must say - 13 inch Macbook Pro. Instead of installing Linux on it I have (being aware of the UNIX kernel) decided to become accustomed to the Mac operating system as well.

This blog is about my user experiences. The emotional distress of suddenly not being able to do something simple. The lifestyle changes from the mobility of the little aluminum-case laptop. Hopefully, the joy of experiencing something that is suddenly easier?

I'll put up a inclination-to-install-linux-o-meter some time. Using it with openSUSE Linux on it would probably be easier for me as this is what I like best and has most experience with. But there is also the little hassle of actually having to download and install the Mac version, still having to use the different keyboard layout etc.

Which brings me to another point: I'm no longer as excited about messing around with settings-files, configuring weird drivers and searching for obscure how-tos online as I used to be. With age has come a certain level of just-let-me-get-to-the-point-iness.

People still occasionally ask me about Windows and I do use Microsoft Windows XP at my job every day. So, I might mention Windows as well. But my intention is to vent emotions about openSUSE Linux (on a "box" / desktop) and Mac OS X Snow Leopard (and the laptop experience).

How tacky this sounds - a blog about feelings and operating systems! Anyway, if you are here reading this, I hope you will find something useful. (I know I will be turning back to find lost links and old texts. Thats has been my experience with previous blogs. They are useful to myself.)