Saturday, February 26, 2011

Upgrading software: jokes, cash and YaST vs App Store

"An update is available for your computer" found at Geekosystem / Sticky Comics.
Of course I shelled out the ~ 20 euros to upgrade iMovie and iPhoto from 2009 to 2011 versions. Took me some time and the closing of quite a few in-program upgrade advertising popup windows to take the step. But my rants should be about current software versions. Meanwhile we're waiting for the next entirely free release of SUSE: openSUSE 11.4.

To the credit of Apple it must be said App Store is very easy to use. Brings a smile to your face watching the animated installs while thinking back to the times of running virus prone .exe files, searching the net for needed drivers and reinstalling when bugs had accumulated. In that respect Apple App Store and YaST are actually quite similar: open, search, select, install. Biggest difference is YaST tells you which other software must be installed to get your selection working, App Store probably charges you some money in the process.

But using the App Store requires an account there (I actually - unsuccessfully - went to IRL physical shops to look for an iLife DVD). Now that I got it I'm taking the opportunity to run Genious and Ping in iTunes; probably comparable to the integration in Amarok? The opportunity to have Apple scan my computer for media files and send back a report - couldn't miss that! A quick tour through these AI/social plugins gives me the impression of a scam and the impulse to turn on Amarok again. Less functionality, too many links to purchases, works from inside iTunes only. Possibly subjects of future rants.

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