Friday, March 8, 2013

Hail AdBlock

How-to surf the internet on your Android phone AKA note-to-self on not to waste half your data subscription on garbage ads while using mobile data not your home wi-fi.

  1. From Google Play install Firefox and Advanced Task Killer
  2. From Firefox install Adblock for Firefox for Android
    • Reinstall Adblock addon after updates of Firefox
  3. Every now and then kill almost everything using the task killer app (and/or spend time closing tabs all the time)
Please, commercial websites, come here and whine about you not being able to pay your hosting bill because no one accidentally clicks your crap ads. Because I'm ready for some fire...

Today some piece of sh*t ad on a website I'd browsed in the lunch break managed to use almost 150 MB before the next coffee break. For once I had forgotten to reinstall Adblock after a Firefox update and didn't kill all running apps including their sh*te ads. You pathetic uneducated webdesigners can't even make a respectable ad graphic and have them reload at decent intervals. No, you have to toss moutains of irrelevant data at us. Christ did you do those ads in BMP or something? Did you check if it was even possible to read the ad text while they reloaded at ludicrous spped? No respect.

It's not a question of Adblock or no Adblock. It's a question of mobile internet use or no mobile internet use.

PS: Say you can get an adblocker for Chrome or Opera and you prefer those? Fine. Do that.

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